Winds of Refreshing

The winds of My refreshing are blowing. You have sat idle in spirit for far too long. My love, I will have abundant mercy with you! Where you were fallen and downcast to the ground, there I will pick you up, and make a wheel of you, and roll you onward.

My winds of refreshment are blowing, and they shall drive away the dust and ashes that clog the pores of your soul. My winds are blowing, and they shall carry life and peace to you.

As a tree swaying in the forest’s verdant breeze, so too do I send My winds upon you for good: I shall not break you with a strong gale, nor uproot you from My good placement, but rather, I shall blow a gentle, restorative wind upon your leaves. You shall no longer sit and wait idly, but you shall be moved by My Spirit.1 You shall no longer be utterly motionless, but you shall sway with a soft, life-affirming calmness. Henceforth you shall know surely that you are alive, and under My constant care and prosperous hand. I shall never take My eye off of you: I will continue to watch over you and cause you to flourish.2

The rains of tranquility are softly showering. I will rain My peaceful rain upon your soul: My dew and mist shall renew your leaves.3 The waters thereof shall flow down and moisten your branches, and stream down your trunk, and be drunk up by your inmost roots.

My winds shall brush off the debris and uncleanness from your leaves, and My rain shall wash away any remaining dust. I am working in your life, and watching for your good season to come to full fruition.

When I have purged and cleansed you, your clean and pure leaves shall soak up My sun like none other. I shall shine upon you, and you shall be fully lightened by My glow. No residue shall inhibit My rays, for they are lovingly sent forth unto your photo-receptive leaves.

In My pure and perfect sunlight, your branch shall shoot forth in all joy and rampancy. You shall be grown forth like none other.4 Who can fathom the goodness of My holy light?

You shall prosper in all that I have sent you forth to accomplish: not one good thing will I leave undone.5 Your branches shall shoot forth and blossom with delightful fruits and flowers. Your leaves’ shadow shall be a sheltering for weary ones, and your uppermost branches shall be a resting-place for birds of migration and pilgrimage. Your flowers shall give a pleasant smell unto great distances, and your fruits and seeds shall bring forth life and abundance. You shall be multiplied greatly.

“For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.” Psalm 84:11

All this I will do, if you will but live in Me. All this is promised unto you, if you will but seek Me, and believe My words with all your heart.6 You must have faith as a grain of a mustard seed.7 Seek not to take for yourself such grandness, but rather, seek Me, and My small and humble seed shall miraculously spring forth in you unto all blessing.

To take is to lose—in taking you will suffer loss. Yet in giving—in relinquishing—you shall gain all riches. Child, things with Me are not as you naturally think they are: to take is to lose, and to give up is to gain.8 If you seek to take much, you will neither get that which you sought to take, nor will you gain My true riches. If you relinquish much, you shall receive much.

Yet I say, look on My abundant blessings! How could you not seek after them in all their fullness and glory? Relinquish all, even your secret, forbidden heart places, and you shall assur­edly receive all. For this is what I long to see, and this is what I long to give. You show Me your heart, and I will show you Mine: I will trade you.

Beloved, relinquish all, and receive all. For how can you let such a priceless reward go to waste? How can you let such a glorious treasure slip away?

Delve Deeper:

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  6. Deuteronomy 28:1-14
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2 Responses to Winds of Refreshing

  1. Adrian Frye says:

    This is truly food for my soul. Thank you!

  2. keijo says:

    Yes for the winds of heaven to blow today from a south course and be xperience warm greeting from beautiful heaven for us to move on in bless and in grace and washing us with the waters of living the word today again in Jesus name,thanks and bless ,keijo sweden

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