That Old Dark Tree

“Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.” —Matthew 12:33

Why are you split? From whence did your evil fruits spring? If there is a root of disobedience within you, will you by plucking out the offensive fruit make the tree good? Or will you then bear good fruit on a branch that is still evil?

Can a good tree, with good roots, bear bad fruit? Have I not planted within you a salvation seed—springing up into a tree of eternal life?1 Why then do such fruits of sin show forth in your life? This I say to you: it is not of My tree, nor is it of My workings. Beloved, why do you allow two trees to be planted in your garden? For by your fruit you do show that there is another tree, old and dark, that remains in you to this day.

Behold, that which is called “fruit” is that which you perform with your hands and imagine in your heart—in this old tree, it is that which you do outwardly and consciously think inwardly: the movings and actions of disobedience. Yet hidden within your heart, and buried out-of-sight in your mind, there are deeply rooted seeds of lawlessness. Those things which are unseen within are called “roots.”

Beloved, I know you are not pleased when such evil fruits spring up, but truly, you are only reaping what has been sown into mankind since the first transgression of Adam. You reap what you sow,2 and if you only try to bury the seeds, surely they will yet spring forth.3 Be certain that your sin will find you out.4 Why is it that you look to only your hands? You are frantically pulling off the fruit—the misdeeds of life—from the tree branches, but from where have such things sprung up? You attempt that which is good, but there is something better that I have for you.

Suppose you rid yourself of every evil fruit from your life, or rather, each one that you can see: will the tree then be made good? Will you then bring forth good fruits? Little one, I see the under-ground: I look upon the heart of man, and I know his every thought before he thinks it.5 If he imagines evil in his heart, I see that it was only an upwelling of water from a spring that was already present. Do you not know that the very root of this old tree, even at rest, even when idle from trespasses, is still set against Me?

Child, try to see from My own eyes: for I look within.6 When you disobey Me, why do you fret that you have somehow fallen from grace? Was it not that such evil rootings were already abundantly present, and sin, taking an occasion against you, sprang forth into the things that your eyes and conscience could then see—into these evil fruits?

Again, little one, see from My eyes. Have I not said, “make the tree good”? The fruit of your doings from this old tree is not good, but do I not much rather care about the entire tree? As the fruit depends upon the roots’ work in order to develop, so too do your evil thoughts and actions require a perverseness to be first implanted and established in your heart.7 Truly, it is the deep, unseen, (and to you, largely unknown) roots within your mind that I am after. For, your mind is entrenched with lawlessness and disobedience, and as a battle, the flesh is always lusting and warring against My good and perfect Spirit within you.

“For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.” —Galatians 5:17

Your mind is encamped with hidden foes, and you are, many times, under their jurisdiction. If these soldiers, as the roots of sin, continually war against Me, why then do you wait until their weapons are drawn and used before you count them as enemies? If the enemy is always present, why then do you wait until you are cut by sin, and bear evil fruits, before taking notice?

You are in a state of war: if the enemy is at rest, and does you presently no harm, has he then become your ally? Why is it that you make peace with that which should be destroyed? Why is it that you only take away the weapons—the outward sins—and yet leave the enemy alive and at liberty to rearm? For the roots, given time, will assuredly bring forth more fruit.

Do I care for your evil fruit? Do I care for the weapons that are brought against you in battle? My child, do I not rather care for you, and for your peace? Do I not rather care for your sanctification? So long as that evil tree has a foothold in your life, you will scarcely come to taste of My good fruit. So long as that dark troop holds territory in your mind, you will be in frequent upheavals, and you will continually thrust the Prince of Peace from His throne.

I tell you, there is a place that your conscience cannot see: a realm where the grotesque workings of sin go unchecked. Beloved, if it were not so, how then could you bear to live through the day?—for surely your evil thoughts and works have a source. It is by My mercy and grace that your dark roots are not all at once exposed. Yet for all this, I love you no less, and My hand is no less distant to help—though oft the leaves cover your eyes, and oft the branches entangle your arms.

In this hidden place, the roots of the tree take deep hold, and send forth their buds and branches bearing the dark fruit of your life. You sever the branches, and cast forth the fruit, but the seed remains, and in the fullness of time, the evil fruit returns.

Beloved, take courage. Will I not have mercy? Have I not formed you for Myself?8 I know every corner of your heart, for I am your Creator. If this is so, will I not then know the dark roots of your mind? And will I not know how to thoroughly purge My vessel and prepare you for My own use?9

Come, My beloved, step away from this old tree! Why have you chained yourself to such an enemy? Come, step away, and take refuge under My new tree, planted in you at salvation. How is it that you give so little attention to My would-be fruitful tree, and yet you fret and obsess over the corrupt tree?

Come, I admonish you, dear one, step away from the tree you now link yourself to: for it is in My heart to utterly uproot and demolish this entire tree. Come to Me, and step away, for etched and carved in this tree is the name: OLD LIFE.

Oh won’t you rather come and rest under the tree of My love! Won’t you come taste the sweetness of this beloved tree’s fruit?10 Child, come now, and step away from that old tree: for I will release you, and replant you, if you will let Me, if you will but step away.

Delve Deeper:

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