Spiritual Fingerprints

Beloved, think not that your present state is who you were created to be, for I will change the superficial face of your being and personality. I will not bend or force you into something different, but rather, I will uncover and strip away your sinful coverings, revealing My work in you.

Child, were you not created in My beautiful image?1 Yet sin, as grime in a clogged sink drain, has coated your very being and disfigured My special design in you. Do you know who I have created? You know only your sin. Do you know what lies under that thick layer of grease and grime?

Beloved, you may be surprised at yourself, and who I have made you to be: it may be that your worst weaknesses are actually your best strengths. Sin works in the most vile ways, and that which is most glorious can quickly and rapidly become buried and covered by the enemy—why else would he assail those areas?2

My dear one, I have created you special, unique, and all My own.3 I have made you with certain special abilities and gifts that I long for you to uncover and use. As a happy and hope­ful father beholding his young child, so too do I eagerly watch and delight to see who you will develop into. I long to uncover this hidden special person that I have created and intended you to be.

This is My will for you: that you would be yourself. Sin is not who you were meant to be; the characteristics that you have thought of as part of yourself, and those things about you that you have accepted as a part of yourself, are many times sinful self-substitutes for My fullness. Be yourself. Do you know who have I created? I have made you for Myself. I have made you to be completed only in Me. I am to be a part of you.4 I complete you. For this cause I say, be yourself.

My special child, how sin has changed, and encrusted you! As a pipe that is coated with all manner of grease and refuse in the world, so too has sin, down from Adam,5 been run and flushed through your heart, clogging your soul’s parts, and leaving upon you its disfiguring deposits. Dear, you have little idea how special and unique I have made you!

Under that gray layer of sin, I have created a beautiful tapestry of color. Beneath that feel of slime and slick are My wonderful, unique, finger-printed textures. As hands covered with mud and clay, so too do I long for you to wash, and view and feel the wonderful lines and prints I have put upon your hands and fingers. How little of your spiritual fingerprints you have uncovered!

Beloved, I have redeemed you and made you beautiful: through and through! Yet why have you allowed Me so little ingress upon your heart? You have but uncovered in yourself what are the thinnest layers of sin, and there yet remains areas of your heart that are still untouched: still coated in that film of sin.

To My special treasure, I say, let Me have your heart. Little one, how I long to uncover these rough areas of your heart! Why do you keep them from Me? Why do you trust them to your own keeping? Do you not know that your very weakest, lowest points may be the very best of the best?6 Your biggest failings may become glorious triumphs, if only you would let go of your own pride and fears. Who knows what I have created you to be! Only I know, and only I can look beneath the layer of sin and say, “you are beautiful.” Why then do you not seek to show this to others?7 Why do you let yourself remain covered?

Behold, My Spirit shall consume away all flaws and weak­nesses in your heart! Allow My work. Do not hinder, and do not hide yourself from Me.8 I know you have areas in your heart that you feel are shameful, yet do not hide them: do you not know that I can unbind from you even these stubborn and thick layers of sin? That which was a shame to you can become a crowning glory. Let Me touch your heart, for who knows what I have created in you!

Delve Deeper:

  1. Genesis 1:26-27
  2. Haggai 2:2-9
  3. Exodus 19:4-6
  4. John 15:4-5
  5. Romans 5:12
  6. Isaiah 61:3
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  8. Psalm 139:23-24

One Response to Spiritual Fingerprints

  1. GEORGE says:

    Indeed true, you know I always ask myself what am I? Is it what I’m final? You know I’m from background that is total hopeless,supersticeous bnd hostile but now this artilce has shed a light. You know when I look at where I’m born from,questions just fill my mind. Am I my culture, am I my ancersters tradition? Its been 9 years now from since I set out to find some answers. Knowing God is one answer fit all but they are few people who reavile God, I know that I’m a broken soul and I have been corrupted by sin and the truth is I dnt like it, and thank you for reminding me that God sees me for who I am..

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