Soft Spots

Look on your heart, and think on your life. Show your doings to Me, and hide not your thoughts.1 Beloved, what do you see in your heart, and what will you find there? Do you have soft spots? Do you have areas of hurt? Do you have places in your own soul that are forbidden to you? Child, turn not away from such in ignorance. Oh dear one, do not cover your wounds with any covering but My Spirit.2

Behold, the infirmities and wounds of your soul are as deep infections and diseases: there is no soundness nor health in them at all. As a decaying tooth, so too does this evil worm and corrupt its way down into your inner life.

You must show Me your pains. Child, I know it is not pleasant, yet you must bear this rottenness before Me, for only I can truly bring restoration. Again I say, look upon your heart: upon people, upon things, upon events, and upon pains and heartaches. No sidestepping.

Do you see forbidden areas? Do you see that there are pitfalls in your thoughts that you must avoid to keep your composure up? Do you see that there are places which, if you go to them, and dwell upon them, you will be taken and thrust through and pierced with many sorrows?3 Look at what is within you! Beloved, My precious and special creation, I tell you most solemnly: let Me in. Again, these things are not to be overlooked, for they have a poignant effect on your inner-life: do not continue on in a bitter and willful half-ignorance.

Show Me your secret and deep pains, My child. I know it hurts you, but I want only to heal. Let Me in. I want only to help. As the decay in a tooth must first be exposed and drilled away, so too do I now ask for you to show Me the hidden hurts of your heart. You cannot cover them, for your own self-coverings will only continue to decay and worm out your roots. You will only cover your toothaches with sugar.

Beloved, come to Me in a full earnestness and a guileless trust.4 Tell Me exactly how you feel, and just what you think, and just what you see. Do not hide anything from Me. I know it is rottenness, but do not hold back or keep it from Me. Child, do not be afraid! I already know it is rottenness, and I know the corruptions that have entered your inward life. I love you. Let Me in.

You may be surprised how I will not condemn or shame you for your admissions and confessions. I have already seen your every thought and move, and I want only for you to come clean. My anger shall not burn forever: I want only our recon­ciliation.5

Why should your pains separate us any longer? Why should these weak spots remain soft for even another hour? Behold, I will purge out and remove all your hidden pains and sorrows, and I will, as a decayed tooth, drill out that which was ailing.6

Yet beloved, take courage, for in this weakness I will fill you with My strength! In this cavity I will inlay pure gold. In your pains I will pour out the grace of My Spirit in abundant measure. I tell you plainly, you shall seek for your old areas of pain, and for your pitfalls, and you shall not find them.7 You shall behold the former places of desolation, and you shall see no ruin or shame. I will take away the stings, and I will consume away the pains. You shall look upon those places of old stabs and cuts, and you shall feel no sharpness, but rather, My gentle, abiding, and everlasting hand shall caress and hold you. Where the ugliness of sin once dwelt, instead My smile shall charm you.

“To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.” Isaiah 61:3

Child, I want you every bit whole. Do not hide from Me. Can you not see the terrible weights that hang on you? Do not cover your pains with your own self-remedies. Do not be ignorant of your detestable and terrifying areas: I want to expel the evil.

Precious, I want to take away your pains. Let Me in. To cover them with anything but My own Spirit is to add sin unto sin. To cover with self is to cover your deep pit with thin sticks and dried leaves that will not uphold you. When you walk upon these deceitful bridges, they shall give way, and cast you back into that old, drudgerous pit of sorrow.

Come now, and show Me your pains. Have you forgotten that they are there? Look now, and you will understand your many troubles and difficulties. Do you not consider that when you harbor such rottenness and bitterness, you will have corruptions in many neighboring things? Come now, My beloved, and expose these sensitive areas to My eyes. Uncover these dark spots to My hands. Let Me see, and let Me work. I will bind you up whole, and I will restore.

I know it is more than you can think, but it is even My delight to take your wounds and turn them to joy. Your cavities shall be filled with gold! The places where you have been in pain and struggle, it is there that I will delight to make you smile.8 In the place where you have fallen, in this very indentation I will raise up a great building. I will replace your corrupted things with incorruption. How I love you, little one: let Me strengthen you with the might of My arm.

Delve Deeper:

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One Response to Soft Spots

  1. Adrian Frye says:

    Thank you for being here for me.

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