Show Forth My Glory

“. . . their eyes received sight, and they followed him.” —Matthew 20:34

My precious possession, what was your previous state before I found you? Were you not blind, and deaf, and dumb, and lame, and wounded? And with love and joy brimming over, I have healed you. I am your Savior, and I have restored you from your desperate state.

Beloved, I gave you sight when you were blind. I gave you hearing when you were deaf. I opened your mouth and loosed your tongue when you were dumb. I gave you good legs and a strong back when you were lame. I poured heavenly waters on your sores when you were wounded.

My blood has purchased you,1 and you have humbled yourself to be washed in it. When you called upon Me, I was faithful to come and loose all the chains that bound you. Do I not both love and care for you? Have I not come to give you life, and that more abundantly?2 I love you, and I have done all these things so that your fullness might show forth My praise and glory.3

Behold, I gave you sight so that you might see Him who is invisible! I gave you sight so that you might press on in all boldness, not taking thought for your own life, (for I take abundant thought over you), nor regarding this world’s deceitful pleasures. I gave you sight so that you might be an amazement and an astonishment to the world, that they would earnestly wonder at what manner of person would endure life’s hardships so gracefully, and all because you see Him who is invisible.4

Beloved, do not be distracted by this world—for good or for evil. Be not choked by the cares of this world, and likewise, neither be utterly downcast from the evil doings of its inhabi­tants. Do not look with your old eyes, but look with the new vision that I have given you—walk by faith. It is with these eyes, and with this faith that you may behold My glory, and be uplifted by My joy.

“[Jesus Christ:] Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.” 1 Peter 1:8

Behold, I gave you hearing, so that I might open your ears to the comforts and delights of My voice! My Spirit within you shall guide you into all truth.5 Others shall see your confidence, and your soul-compass, and know that you do not wander by the lusts of your heart, but that there is one greater which steers the helm.

Beloved, be deaf to the noisings of this world, for they are confusion, and wanderings. When you shut out the voices of the world, and those distractions in your very own heart, in such silence I will whisper to you. When you give no regard for your own life, and when you stop your ears from hearing vanity, My magnetic field, as it were, shall come upon you, and point your compass to My heavenly bearings.

“He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” —Matthew 11:15

Behold, I have loosed your tongue, that you might sing My praise! I have opened your mouth, that you might give a word in season to him that is weary.6 I have given you a new mouth and tongue, so that you might speak My name: “Jesus”—the sweetest of all names. This is a most joyous word: JESUS.

Beloved, speak not with that old tongue. Give Me heart-praise. Else could not sinners speak the same? Yet what do they know inwardly of that wonderful name, Jesus? I say again, speak not from your old heart, and with those old lips, but draw up from that deep well of salvation a new song of praise, and spring up from that new heart adoration for that name above all names, Jesus.

“Sing praises to God, sing praises: sing praises unto our King, sing praises.” —Psalm 47:6

Behold, where you were lame and could not walk, I have made you leap for joy! I have given you hind’s feet, that you may walk in high places and not stumble, nor be discouraged.7 I have given you feet to leap and dance in joy for the happy tidings that have been brought to you through the gospel of My salvation.

Beloved, walk not on those old legs of sin. Do you not know that beforetime you were paralyzed? Why then would you choose out those things which were poison in your old legs? Walk in newness of life.8 Walk in the Spirit.9 Be not bound by the things of this world, neither choose out bondage for yourself. As it is not fitting to put an acrobat in stocks, so too is it unbefitting for you to walk in the lusts of your flesh.

“Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pil­grims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul.”1 Peter 2:11

Behold, you were sick and dying of sin, and there you lied, helpless in your many wounds. Sin had ravaged your soul, and you could not find medicines to remedy. There I found you: I called out your name—and you answered. My shim­mering light entered your heart, and drove out the inner darkness. My waters were poured upon all wounds, and you recovered, lo, you revived to life.

But for all this, beloved, how I am downcast. For I love to give, and I have given you all these good things, even your very life, to receive praise and honor—and I await you eagerly. Yet how is it that you cover your face, and turn from Me your beautiful eyes? How is it that you stop up your ears, and even abuse them, that you should not be sensitive to My gentle, quiet voice? How is it that you speak with your old tongue, and draw out evil treasure from that old heart? How is it that you regress into those old legs of sin, and run swiftly to injury and fracture?

Beloved, how is it that I make you in My own image, and give you life to glorify Me, and you run to your own ways, and follow in the paths of your own heart? Do you not know that outside of Me, there is no life?

These words, and these parts—they are spirit. By My Spirit I have given you all good parts—that you may use them to the glory and praise of the selfsame Spirit. I gave you sight so that you may see. I gave you ears so that you may hear. I gave you a mouth so that you may speak. I gave you legs so that you may walk. I gave you life so that you may live.

All these things I have given you for the using. Think not that you could do any of these things in your old life of sin. What bondage you were in!—and glory, what redemption you now have! Live in My new life, and use those things that I have given you unto My glory.10 Let the world see that I have made you a wonderful new creation. Again I say, live in My new life.

Delve Deeper:

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One Response to Show Forth My Glory

  1. Omotoso Joshua says:

    Glory be to God for these prayer points

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