Perfect Peace

“As in water face answereth to face, so the heart of man to man.” —Proverbs 27:19

Child, as the face of a man’s own reflection is seen in the still waters, so too do I long for you to be enlivened by My counte­nance in the stillness of your heart. I have made My abode within you,1 lo, even within your very own heart, and in the tranquility of your soul, there will I approach in a gentle calmness.

But beloved, how I am grieved for you!—for you are ever-troubled, and ever-stirred in heart. Though you may rest your body, and though your eyelids may be at peace, yet your soul is dogged with the world: it is agitated with that ancient seed of lawlessness.

Let not this thing be so! Do I hide Myself from you, or is it that you distort My image in the turbulence of your heart? Do I withdraw My face, and seal away My heart of peace from you? Beloved, My face is set always before you, and My heart is ever-waiting to commune. Again I say, My face is always before you in these waters of your soul, yet you have deep stirrings continually within your heart. Is it any wonder that the surfaces of these waters are ever-troubled? Is it any wonder that we rarely have a heart-to-heart?

My little pond, to where has your stillness fled?2 Why is it that you are busy with an abundance of work in hand, and filled with a swiftness in foot to run to and fro, but you have overlooked that which is of a weightier matter? How is it that you have no rest, and no peace within your heart? Look and see. Beloved, you know what I speak of: how is it that you are continually ignorant of this? Why do you give such things little regard? You are very forgetful, My child.

Beloved, where is your peace? Why is it that you cannot, by taking thought, and by taking bodily rest, bring peace unto your spirit? You cannot see any disturbances around the top of the waters, yet there is no stillness on the surface. Beloved, I tell you somberly, you have very dark, very deep stirrings within your heart. I tell you, if this were not so, then you could most easily take of My rest.

Does not peace and rest come naturally to your earthly body? You can most easily acknowledge and give heed to your body’s calls: lo, you must even resist these callings if you are to avoid such rest. But how is it then, that your soul works and grinds to the bone, and has no rest day or night, and yet you feel no fatigue? Surely your mind is darkened, that you cannot see your troubles, and surely your heart is vagabond, that you will not come to My peace.

Your ways and your doings are not always good. Though you may appear spiritual outwardly, your heart rejoices in agitation, and delights in continual motion, and in the restlessness of carnal things.3 From where do these things come, and from whom have you learned them? Beloved, I know you are My very own child, yet do you not see, that even in your good works, and even in your times of rest, you mimic and pattern yourself after your old father, even that evil one, the devil?4

My child, why is your mind shadowed in disobedience? You cannot rest. You cannot, for the very life of you, come to a tranquility of soul. And yet you continue and increase in your ways day by day, and hour by hour. You increase with your hands your good works and efforts, and with your mouth you serve Me readily, yet your heart is in a quiet, secret, and deep rebellion. You can make the area around the top of the waters clear, yet there is no stillness at the surface—for there are deep upheavals, for which you give little thought or regard.

You seek good things, even spiritual things, but oft you seek them carnally.5 Your mind is cloaked: covered with carnality. Your conscience is clear, but oft your mind is not: if this were not so, then you could come to My peace, and enjoy My fellowship. Come now, if you can, into My rest. Bind your chaos as a belt around you, and your lawlessness as a garment. Take with you the dark veil of your carnal mind, and your ever-wandering eyes, and see what becomes of your rest.

Beloved, do I not care for you? You are precious in My sight, and I am grieved and sorrowed at your restlessness. You are ever-active: always looking, always listening, always speak­ing, always touching, always moving.6 Oh child, when will you sit still? Do you not know how carnal your mind truly is?

Child, this thing ought not to be so. “Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied” (Proverbs 27:20). When will you stop looking? What is it that you are looking for? Can I not satisfy you, or will you look again to the world? Will you look back to the pit that you have been rescued from?

Beloved, I have taken you out of this world’s corruption! In the world is death and carnality—as a bottomless pit: pleasing only and always the senses. Yet in Me is life and peace.7 I long to give you a spiritual mind, from which I may calm your inmost troubles.

“[T]he fruit of the Spirit is . . .  peace,” —Galatians 5:22

Beloved, your soul is wearied. Have you never been stilled enough to see your condition? How is it that you cannot see the state of your own heart? If you were to be stilled, you would see your heart’s own reflection—that you are much wearied. Can you not see the dark, tiresome shadows that hang under your eyes? Can you not see the trembling and weakness—the frailty of your inner man? Lo, My love, you are even at the point of fainting! Can you not see this? Child, you are blind. My child, how I love you, yet you are blind.

You have no rest in spirit, day or night, yet you do not see it: are you not blind? When will you see that you are fundamentally severed from the effervescent spiritual life I have for you? When will you see that it is your mind, your darkened mind of sin, that separates you so far from even the most basic life-functions such as My rest? When will you awake to My rest?

I love you, and My will for you is this: that you would find rest in Me. That is My will. Abide in Me. When you find peace, when you partake of My heavenly rest, such a power and energizing life-force will refresh you that you will be prospered in all that you set your hand to do!

Reach down, reach deep down, and dive down very deep into the waters of your heart, and uproot the weeds. Uproot these dark, chaotic weeds that continually make a stirring in your heart. Your family is a weed; your friends are these weeds; your belongings and riches are weeds; your very own life is also a deep weed in this pond. I know you love them, but what are they doing in this sacred place of your heart?—it is My place. What are they doing here?—they do not belong. I know you love them, but within your inner-heart, they are stirrings, and distractions, and weeds.8

You cannot see their currents, their waves, and their agitations in your heart—but they are there. You cannot see the link between your restlessness and worry, and the beloved things that you put in place of Me—but it is there. Beloved, when will you let go of your life? You are Mine, I have you safely in My hand.9 When will you let go of the cares of this world? Trust in Me. I say to you, why do you trust in your own self: are you not blind? Trust in the one that can see all, and has all things under His power. Again, I say, trust in Me.

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” —Isaiah 26:3

Delve Deeper:

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