My Special Garden

“And that which fell among thorns are they, which, when they have heard, go forth, and are choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this life, and bring no fruit to perfection.” —Luke 8:14

Weeds have sprung up in your heart. But why then do you go about in haste to pluck out the top-growths only? You pull out that which you can see, yet you leave the roots. Child, surely your weeds will regrow.

You may keep such thickets trimmed ever so short, and prune these bramble bushes with utmost diligence, yet the roots will still remain. Is this not a weariness of soul? Beloved, you keep a garden rampant and full of weeds, perfectly and systemati­cally groomed, insomuch that one can hardly find a leaf or stem of fault within you, yet beneath the soil you are choked and overrun with sin’s roots.1

This I say to you: I care for your soil. This is the principal thing that I long to purge. To repent of sin, and not to have seen its root, is to have failed in the learning and gaining of wisdom.

In the garden of your soul, I have planted My fruitful vine, yet many weeds choke out My manifestations of love and power. It is the root of the weed that I take thought to vanquish. I cause your thorns of sin to spring up and prosper so that I may draw attention to them.

Beloved, hear again My saying: it is the root that I am after. You grieve Me with your busyness, and your worryings—when you continually look after the state of the topsoil, after that which you can see. Do I care at all for these things? If the roots were taken away and dried up, would the weed by any means survive? Would it not rather wither and die in a short time? So ought you to seek to uproot the source of your sin, and purge out the bitter roots of lawlessness from your heart.2

Consider that which I am trying to accomplish in your garden: My child, I am after your fruit. I want to give you abundant joy and love, and thereby bring glory to Myself.3 This is done through a fruitful vine. Let not the cares of this world choke out My good planting.

When I place My finger on these suffocating weeds, and cause them to shoot forth and grow, do not be dismayed, for I am seeking to purge you of your sin. Yea, though I may shoot forth your thistles and pricks of sin, know that it is intended to restore and prosper you.

“Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, That this night, before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice.” —Matthew 26:34

Do I cause your sins and pains? Rather, I put forth My hand and cause the inward parts of your heart to be made manifest. Was it My own weeds that I have planted within you? Rather, I simply reveal what is within—whether it be good or bad.4

Beloved, do you not know or see how choked and strangled the garden of your soul truly is? Be thankful that I am showing you your sins, and uprooting the evils in your heart! For shortly after the pains of this purging, there will come a new purity in your walk. Soon after My hand has accomplished what I have set out to do, I will prosper My own vine in your heart, bringing forth the good fruits of love and joy.5

Do not resist Me. Do not ignore My workings. I place My hand upon your soil, and I point My finger on the roots, and cause your sin to shoot forth into the light. Why do you then hide it from Me?6 Why then do you quickly pluck out your new developments and take no thought thereafter? Beloved, you know there is something wrong. I am after the roots.

Be My special garden, and let Me work to purge you. Do not turn your face from Me. When I show you a bitter root of sin, fear not, for I love you no less. Beloved, I can see all your thoughts, and I know all the things that are within your heart. Fear not, nor be afraid when you fall into temptation: I am using such things to perfect you.

Do not brush off the tuggings and callings of My Spirit: you know there are areas of your garden that need My cleansing touch. Let Me come into My garden: give Me access to your heart.7 I will uproot your evils, and make you a very fruitful vine.8

Delve Deeper:

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