Come into My Arms

My dear one, come near; come very near to Me. Rest. Let My very peace come upon you. My child, I want you close, I want you ever so close to Me.

Let Me draw you. Be sensitive to My callings. I whisper, I call out your name: “come to Me . . . come here.”

I want you so close that you can feel, as it were, My very heartbeat. Why should I yell? Why should I shout? I will whisper in your ear with even the faintest voice, and you will hear My words of love.1

Come into My arms, let Me hold you ever so close. My child, the world has been very rough with you. You have been lost in confusion, and wounded by deceits. Come, let Me give you a gentle blessing to renew your soul. Why do you stand without? Come inside. Come in to My heavenly warmth, and bask in My soul-sunlight for your inmost healing.

Oh My dear one, why have you gone so far ahead of Me on life’s path? I wait for you. Come, sit next to Me. Draw very near to Me, let Me put My arm around you and comfort you. Your mind is in chaos. Your thoughts are in continual upheaval. Your senses are ever engaged in seeing, in hearing, in touching, in doing.2 Yet for all this, your eyes are not satisfied with seeing, nor your ears full with hearing.3 When will you rest?

Come, rest in Me. Before you go, first stop. Before you speak, first listen. Before you love, let Me first love you.4

I am your Creator, I have made you specially for Myself. You are My precious treasure.5 Why are you always in such a haste? Why do you always run? Where are you going? Let Me rather carry you. I have made you for Myself, and I will carry you in My everlasting arms.

The road is ever so rough. The true path that I have for your life—it is impossibly rough. How will I ever let you travel this road alone? How could I ever allow your feet to step on such jagged stones?

Come, rest in Me, and I will carry you.6 Only in My arms is life’s true path traveled, for it is impossibly hard. Only My divine feet may tread the path: you are only My traveling companion. In My loving arms, instead of a sharp cut—a gentle tumble. Instead of a twist or a sprain—a bounce with abiding peace. My little kangaroo, let Me hold you in My pouch. Troubles will undoubtedly arise, yet why must you bear the brunt of them?7

Oh My love! Won’t you come to Me? Why has life become so complicated? Why has everything become so difficult? It is so simple rather: beloved, I am. For every wound, a balm. For every sickness, a remedy. For every darkness, a light. For every confusion, a clear mind. Love, joy, peace: beloved, I am.

Here is My will for you: that we be as one. Have I not said that I would make My abode in your heart?8 Why are you so distant and cold? Let Me draw you to My very own heart, for how else will you ever know if we are in sync? Do I not desire for our hearts to beat as one? I long to see your heart conformed to Mine, beating in perfect synchronization.

When you are lying in My arms, words become superfluous. I shall feel your very heart, and you shall feel Mine. When our hearts are beating as one, there is a language spoken that is sweeter than all words.

Make Me the beat of your heart, for it is the only way to live this earthly life. Why should you wander away in a wilder­ness? You seek a safe place, yet you are many times alone. Why? No place is safe when you stray from your Shepherd. In My arms we will brave the hardest of times, and we will assuredly overcome.

My dear, it is the autumn and harvest-time of your soul. The time is now ripe, and My seeds are come to fruition.9 Let us walk, and reap the harvest. I have sown good seeds, now let us both go and enjoy the fruit of My labors.10

Come, rest in My arms, for how can you ever walk My path standing on your feet of clay? You will be wearied greatly. Rest on My shoulders, and I will lift you to new heights, and cause you to reach that which was impossible to you alone.

“Hearken unto me, O house of Jacob, and all the remnant of the house of Israel, which are borne by me from the belly, which are carried from the womb: And even to your old age I am he; and even to hoar hairs will I carry you: I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you.” —Isaiah 46:3–4

Delve Deeper:

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2 Responses to Come into My Arms

  1. joane tillman says:

    What love, what grace…He is calling us to Himself. A safe journey, in Him!!!!

  2. Deborah Crawford says:

    Absolutely perfect peace flooded into my heart as I read this. Thank you, thank you for stopping to listen to the heart of God and for sharing…

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