Christian Daily Devotions

Greetings! What you will find here is fairly unique in content: each section is written as if you have sat down and are having a heart-to-heart talk with your Heavenly Father.

Technically what is here is actually a book, but the chapters are so short, and there are just under 30 of them (28 and the epilogue), that it could easily be used as a daily devotional for a one month span.

Below is a reading list for those that are considering using each chapter as a daily devotion over the period of one month:

Day One: Prologue and Seek My Face

Day Two: Lonely Arms

Day Three: Your Faithful Spouse

Day Four: Open to Me

Day Five: The Marionette’s Strings

Day Six: Come into My Arms

Day Seven: Wings of My Grace

Day Eight: Unshade My Light

Day Nine: That Old Dark Tree

Day Ten: No Substitutes

Day Eleven: Your Pearl of Great Price

Day Twelve: Perfect Peace

Day Thirteen: Show Forth My Glory

Day Fourteen: A Beautiful Pair

Day Fifteen: Armor of Light

Day Sixteen: Spiritual Fingerprints

Day Seventeen: Sin of Misgiven Love

Day Eighteen: My Special Garden

Day Nineteen: Your Heart’s Treasure

Day Twenty: Led by My Spirit

Day Twenty-One: Brokenness

Day Twenty-Two: Orchards of Hope

Day Twenty-Three: Soft Spots

Day Twenty-Four: Winds of Refreshing

Day Twenty-Five: Sands of the Soul

Day Twenty-Six: My Beautiful Child

Day Twenty-Seven: Deceitful Roses

Day Twenty-Eight: A Perfect Fit

Day Twenty-Nine: A Soft Smile


“…You ask, “where should I go?” and I say unto you: seek My face. You ask, “what should I do?” and I say unto you: be a child after your Father’s own heart. I tell you first to be, and not to do. There is more to life than doing. I will call you to the work, and I will speak to you of My will, but won’t you seek My face? Won’t you be a child after your Father’s own heart? My voice, with pangs of longing, says “come,” and My hand, with a soft tenderness, is beckoning you unto My heart…”

“…Have I not called you to higher ground? Is not your life meant for more than walking on ground level? Come to Me. Search and seek Me with all your heart, and forsake your old ways. I have a beautiful tapestry to weave of your life as it unfolds, yet how will you see it from where you now stand? Come up to Me, My beloved: fly with My wings, and see with My eyes; behold the awe and majesty that I Myself will interweave into your life…”

“…How I love you, and how marvelously I have provided for you! Trust in My all-covering light, and let no shadowing thing come near you. I am sending you to impossible battlefields, and through thick darknesses. At the onslaught of the enemy you shall stand, and before the fury of his might you shall laugh…”

“…Beloved, I use many words to show you of your heart’s condition: and know that it is sin that weighs you down, and makes your feet as lead. Know that I have called you to a weightlessness of heart, and to a feathersome flight with your Maker.
It is your heart that will weigh heavily: each finger you keep on it will weigh on you, and each finger you take off it will lift you. I desire your heart: I will keep it, and you will keep fit. I will ameliorate your load, you must only uncurl your fingers from off your life…”


“…I do always send My waves to you; I never grow weary to love. I wait, and I groan for you to come and experience My restoration and tranquillity. I am a beautiful island sanctuary: My waves are reaching out to you. My beloved, won’t you let Me in? I am ever-present and ever-willing to heal, for My mercy endures forever. My waves are incessant…”


A Soft Smile

“…Fear not, I have sought you, and I have bought you, and before the foundation of the world was laid, I have known you. I have loved you. I have waited for you. I know the end from the beginning, and from ancient times I speak of things not yet come, and this I do now say: you are Mine. I will take you by the hand, and bring you safely home…”

One Response to Christian Daily Devotions

  1. johnny says:

    Awesome , a big God bless u for the one who posted this , i will say this u have a heart for the Father,Gods heart beats for u.Love u —–Johnny

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