My child, you have been broken. You have been shattered with sin. The world has deceived you, and you have walked in the darkness of your own mind, and you have fallen down and have become deeply wounded.1

My ever-beloved, I am always present to help. I am your eternal Counselor, and I will keep your stance from sliding, and deliver your feet from the sharp rocks.2 And little one, even when you fall, even after you have turned from Me, there I am still: with My arm stretched out to you.3

Oh!—when will you return to Me? How long shall you be in a freefall before your senses return? Child, I am your forever-Father. I am all riches and happiness.

You have been broken in the world, My love. And is it any wonder? Dear, the world is a very dark place to traverse alone: how could I ever leave you? But you do not take My hand,4 nor do you turn to Me with your face.

Child, look at Me. My little one, look to Me this very day, and turn to Me. Fall back into My arms, and you will experience the healing that I have longed to give since your time began. You will feel the love that I have longed to give since I made you upon this earth.

You have been as a clay pot, and the deceits of this world have shattered you. Let Me care for you. I will bind you up with everlasting grace. Be not dismayed at your present affairs, nor be fearful for your own life: though you are in pieces, yet when you return to Me, I will bind you together even stronger than before. The cracks and breaks in your clay pot will be marks of joy, and banners of strength.5 Where I have bound you up with My fiery and passionate grace, there you will rejoice.

“Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” —1 Corinthians 1:25

Look now upon your wounds: they shall be no more infirm. There shall be no more a tender spot, nor a bruise. My grace shall rest upon you for good, and you shall never be broken along these old fault-lines again. Though the clay pot of your heart be cracked and lined with defeats, know full well that My glory and power shall dwell in these very places.

This is My eternal working: that My divine and everlasting glue, as it were, shall seal up any fractures, and forever adhere your brokenness to be unbroken. For, the glue is stronger than the pot itself, and My grace is stronger than even your own heart’s walls.6 This is the wonderful grace of God. Rest in My love, little one—My hand shall forever uphold you!7

Behold, My love, how I care for you, and how I long to show forth My glorious power—even through your own mistakes and weaknesses! You shall have no areas of your heart that are off-limits. You shall have no fearful or dark corners. Beloved, show Me your pains, that I may heal you of them! That which has been a low point shall burst forth into a glorious moun­tain. That which has been a lonely desert shall be made a lively rainforest. That which was a weakness and a sore spot shall be turned into a source of unbounding strength and joy.

My child, how I never cease to wait for you! How I never cease to look to your well-being! If you would but turn, and behold, and draw near with a trusting heart, I would catch you in your fall, and restore you on your path. My eyes are ever upon you, and My heart is ever-ready and waiting to commune. Stretch forth your hand, and I will draw you to My heart.

Delve Deeper:

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