Armor of Light

“The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.” —Romans 13:12

My dearly beloved, no harm shall come to you, so long as you are covered with My light. No ill thing shall encroach or spoil, so long as you bear that armor of light.

Consider now this: what offends you? What maligns you? What worries you? Is it not the works of darkness? Is it not that shadow of sin? Though you may see with your eyes a physical enemy, what has corrupted and caused such evil? Is it not darkness? And what do you think: can darkness by itself overcome light? Can darkness at all stop light?

And yet, My beloved, I ask: if you wear of My light-armor, why then does darkness enter your heart? I have said that no trouble shall befall you,1 yet child, why are there holes in your armor?

For My armor was given with no hole, and no leak: sealed as a shingled roof, and fortified as the scales of a fish: you are untouchable before the wicked one.2 And yet, My little child, for all My provision, why are you so hurt? Why have you become so invaded, and overcome with evils? My little one, the world has been very rough with you.

My special one, why are there holes in your armor? Little one, look now on these blemishes: what are these adornments on your uniform that you now trust in? For on your light-armor, you hang decorations, and as holes, they shadow and darken your heart, leaving openings for the enemy.3

On these self-awards, which hang defiantly on My divine armor, there are names written: LUST, PRIDE, ANGER, IDOLATRY, and FALSE TRUST. And below them, attached to such decorations are names, and relationships, and things: FATHER, MOTHER, SISTER, BROTHER, HUSBAND, WIFE, DAUGHTER, SON, FRIEND, RICHES, SUCCESS, WORLDLY WISDOM, and SELF.

Oh child, do you not see that I have given you perfect provision, and perfect protection! It is only darkness that can damage you. It is only your own self, and that which you trust in that can shade My light. You create holes in your armor where darkness can, and if not for My grace each day, surely will, pierce through.4

My love, how I am full of heaviness for you! I give you that which is perfect, and you choose out that which is flawed. Beloved, I know you are affrightened and you despair about many things, for this world is full of darkness. Yet is this not all the more reason to trust in Me? Child, the times are very dark! You must cling to Me! You must trust in Me, and look to Me alone for your protection.5

The things that you trust: the things in the world, and the things in your heart: they are full of cursing and darkness, so long as you trust in them and wear them as part of your armor.6 That which is not My very own light is as a vacant hole, and a weakness. That which is not My very own light can allow darkness and cruel blackness to pierce through.

Beloved, let these weaknesses, and these shadowing things be forever gone from your armory. Can you not see the connection between your self-decor and your many worries and sorrows? How is it that you cannot see, that where there is something present in place of My light, in that very place hangs a dark shadow? In My armor there is only light, and your defense shall either be My light, or your own obstructions. Where My light dwells, there can be no failing—for all darkness is consumed and chased away by the light.7 Where your obstructions shade, in that very place, will be only pains while the enemy exploits.

Am I unjust? Am I cruel to you? Beloved, how I love you beyond words! I have given you all that you need to overcome your enemies. My love will heal every wound, and will stop every attack of the foe.8 Think not that I leave you unclothed or unprotected, but your very own hand has torn for yourself holes, and made long rips.

Beloved, dear one, come here to Me. Let Me sew you back up. Let Me heal you, and let Me protect you. Why do you turn to vain comforts, and lean on that weak staff called SELF? My precious one, let Me sew you up, for you have torn to yourself holes by your mistrust, and made to yourself long rips by your unbelief. Oh child, when will you see how safe it is to trust in Me! Will you ever cease from carrying your own burdens, and bearing your own pains?

Unload your cargo upon Me. Unpack your heavy burdens before Me: for they are too heavy for you.9 This world is full of pain and darkness: it is impossible for you to bear such weights. This world is stained with sin and death: it is unthinkable for you to live unshielded.

Beloved, how can you continue on in your old trustings any longer? Will you bear the entire world upon your shoulders? Will you take upon yourself the cruel stings and sicknesses of sin? My dear friend, I have already done all of this for you! I took upon Myself all your sicknesses, all your sorrows, all your sins, and all your weights.10 I poured out My life unto death, even the death of the cross: all so that you would be delivered from the way of life that you now chose to live.11

Friend, I do not wish to see you wearing such ragged and holey protection! Why are there holes in your armor of light? Have I not died, and exchanged My divine health for your illness? Did I not humble Myself under your dark cloud of sin so that you would no longer have to live life under this shadow? Why then will you live in further darkness?

My child, give Me those adornments on your armor. Let go of such things. Can you still not see? Where you have a misplace in trust, you will have a misstep in life. If only you could see as My eyes see, and behold your obstructions to My light. Pray earnestly therefore, that you may see, and turn from your idols—for they create voids within my light-wall, and through such will come darkness. That which you trust in may be loving, or caring, or wise, or good—yet it cannot be light. I alone am light.

Precious one, entrust yourself to Me, for I am taking you to higher ground. If you will follow Me, I am leading to hotter battles, and darker lands: yet no harm will come to you, so long as you trust in Me. A dangerous battle is to be fought, lo, an impossible battle! Yet I make the impossible easy, and the challenging simple—trust in Me.

Beloved, if you have been wounded while at rest, and if darkness, as a chance raindrop, has penetrated your scales, how shall I ever send you deeper? What shall you do when the enemy comes in like a flood? The world’s dark poison-water will sap and drain you as venom—even through the smallest hole. Yet fear not, for I am He that tests and prepares you, and will not let you go forth unprotected.12 You must first remove your shadowing trusts, and only then will you be sent forth fitted for battle, wearing My armor of light in its fullness.

How I love you, and how marvelously I have provided for you! Trust in My all-covering light, and let no shadowing thing come near you. I am sending you to impossible battlefields, and through thick darknesses. At the onslaught of the enemy you shall stand, and before the fury of his might you shall laugh.

Delve Deeper:

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