A Beautiful Pair

My love, I am your Creator. I have made you in My image, and I have formed you after My likeness.1

Look now upon your heart, and I will teach you these things: for your heart has been formed in the soft clay. I have laid My hand upon this earthen tablet, and pressed down deep, making an intimate, soul-defining impression. I have left, as it were, My handprint upon your heart.

Beloved, I made you as My own home, as My own dwelling-place.2 Oh My child, how I love you! I have created you to be always filled with My presence. I have formed you to be always host to My outspread hand. You are My resting-place.

Beloved, you were meant for Me, for we are a beautiful pair. You were formed as an imprint of My very fullness; you were formed around My goodness. Your heart is called Lacking, and I am called Satisfaction. This imprinted lacking is not evil, for it was made around My satisfaction: you were formed in My image. I am as water, and I have made you as a thirsty throat—why not drink of Me?3 You are made whole, and perfect, and complete in Me. You were not made to be alone. I complete you. This is what I have created, and this is how I have formed you.

Do you not see how deeply My image is imprinted upon and excavated into your heart? When I formed you, how deeply My hand sunk into you! I have formed your heart, your very being, to be filled and completed by Me. Do you not see how intimate My words are when I say, “I am your Creator”? I am your Completer. “For thy Maker is thine husband” (Isaiah 54:5). I am that which you lack. You are called Lacking, and I am called Fullness.

I am your Creator, and I have made you for My very own self—yet, My love, how perverse many things have become! You look often to the flesh: you look to the body to fulfill that which is lacking in your heart. Do you not know that it is My Spirit which you lack? Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.4 If you are starved in your heart, will eating earthly bread make you whole? You need My Spirit.

Your body, and all of this earthly creation—they are meant to show of spiritual things: water to a thirsty tongue, bread to the hungry stomach, seeds to the soil, oxygen to the lungs, a husband to his wife, a bird to his nest. Do these not all, if but imperfectly, reflect My divine plan for your heart?

Beloved, if you see the beauty in such earthly fulfillments in the flesh, what then shall the fulfillment of your soul bring? If earthly water trickles down into your dry throat, and quenches every parched place of your body, what then shall My Spirit do in your heart? If delightful bread is eaten, which rejoices the tongue, and satisfies the stomach, what then shall I do for your soul? If I have sunk My hand down so deeply, and if I have pressed so intimately upon your inmost being, what then do you suppose the fulfilling and satisfaction of such will bring?

My love, look not to this world to satisfy that which ought to be filled by My very own Spirit. I have created the things of this world to be good, and beautiful; yet when put into this special impression in your heart, such things become ugliness. Such things are not as important as you think, for there is more to the life than the body.5

Things that were meant to teach, and were meant for good—while in the world’s use, and in man’s heart—have become desperately perverted. Beloved, do not be carnally minded.6 For this world, from Adam’s transgression, has fallen head­long into sinful substitutes. Unregenerate man, who has not My Spirit, nor My salvation, seeks always, in most restless fashion, earthly, carnal, sensual, and sinful substitutes.7

Remember that I have created the world good: yet, My dear one, when you put such things in your hidden imprints, and hope in such things for fulfillment, they only clog, bind, and sabotage the gears of your heart. Things are good, but they are not God.

Man cannot cease from sin: he cannot cease from searching. As My lost children, men follow after that old devil, their father below, the serpent that deceives the whole world8—and they do not cease in their self-sabotage. They are ever-searching, ever-trying, ever-looking, ever-curious: putting all manner of abominations and earth’s pleasing things within their hearts.

Beloved, I have spoken this to you that you be not like them. Such are blind, and cannot see their desperate state: how they need that touch from their invisible Creator. My love, have I not intended for you a much better life? I complete you. Why should you live as those that are blind? Why should you live as those that are empty? You are called Lacking, and I am called Satisfaction. I will fill you! Again I say, if you let Me, I will fill.

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.” —Psalm 23:1

Is man a beast? Will he live only by what he can see? Truly, something is missing from man deep down inside. I have made him more than an animal: why then should he live like one? Child, I have made you so much better than beasts! Why then should you live as one?

Thirst to thirst. Hunger to hunger. Loneliness to loneliness. Heartache to heartache. All of life is spent only adding to despair. As a fugitive,9 man runs from his Creator, the only one that can truly satisfy.10 Such ones heap pain upon pain, and sorrow upon sorrow, while the imprints of their hearts are filled with jagged rocks and sharp points.

Backbiters, traitors, slanderers, abusers, adulterers, pleas­ure-seekers, proud, arrogant, greedy, and selfish; daggers’ points, swords’ edges, and serpents’ teeth: all will cut or poison with the most bitter of stings. Where is My gentle hand? Where is My healing touch?

Beloved, I have spoken these things to you that you be not like them. Take rest in Me, and I in you.11 Look on your heart, and on your hurts: the very areas where you are confused, where you have worry, and where you have pains: these are the areas where I am not. Where you lack is where I am not. I long to live in you. I long to fill you. This is what I have even made you for. Remove the substitutes of this world, and empty your heart.

Call out to Me, and cry to Me with all your heart, and without fail I will come. Without fail I will fill in your desolate places. Child, without fail I am your Creator. Lacking, without fail I am Satisfaction.

Delve Deeper:

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